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Chapter 16-18: 44328km, 'I Decided to Leave, It Was My Decision.'
                                             '​내가 떠나겠다고 했다. 내 결정이었다.'

Digital sound, 3.28min, 2019

Installation at 'Crossings', 2019

Digital sound loop, poly fabric, ceramic tea set, fibreboard box, LED tea lights

Documented by Harrison Reid

Live performance at 'My Truth is Your Story', 2019

Performed by Jina Song

Documented by Yihang Hu

This performance was a part of the group show, 'My Truth is Your Story'

curated by the bricolage(Yihang Hu, Shalmali Shetty, Hannah Benassi),

The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, Glasgow, UK,

8 NOV, 2019

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