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Digital video(2min) with variable installation, 2017


  One of my friends has been homeschooled for 10 years because of his health condition. But it was a shock to me when I found that officials had never come to his house to investigate whether he is growing up well. Fortunately, he has been well protected by his family, but I didn't have an idea if other preschoolers and long-term absent children were also growing up normally. Through research, I found that most of them have to face their environment, without anyone to help them in their state. 
   In this exhibition, the video above a desk shows the desks of long-term absent children. The title ‘Long Night Seat’ meant that the children's desks were always quiet during the day and night. In front of the desk, we can see the national flag that we can often see in our classroom. However, the desk, and the clock, all three objects are seen as white with no colour, which signifies that the national power is invalid and means nothing for those children.

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