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                                                                   향의 강에서

Live performance to the camera, 9.52min, 2020

'Next Page. Another secret revealed. As one discovers unspoken words, the other is hunted for having lost the chance to confess them. Stories that no longer coexist in the presence of each other are still tied together through words and the memories that they bring. While frustration comes with the truth, anger fades into sadness. One is forced to accept what was hidden until now. Is there a way to measure time in the astral plane?

The River of Incense turns to temporality. The bridge over the river has collapsed, and it will take longer to get to the other side. The same time that separates is the time that heals. So it passes. And one rereads traces, searching for meaning, trying to make sense of what is left, while the other seeks for the ground to recover, a hint for direction and a source of balance. The foggy vision brings confusion along with the loss of physical and emotional sense. Is it possible to have feelings while dreaming?

In chapter 93-18, the green-coloured dreams return to remind of the eyes that are no longer looked at. The long branches, now even longer, search for a place to settle, driven by the desire to be rooted. As the incense burns, it floods the room with wishes and thoughts of another time — before the betrayal, while drawing the feeling of being stuck in-between realms. In this endless cycle, one cannot be separated from the other, leaving no escape. Does mental illness manifest in the afterlife?'


-Beatriz Lobo, curator

Written, choreographed, performed by Jina Song

Moving image by Jina Song

Filmed, edited by Jina Song

Sound by Jina Song and Lluis Solervicens

Costume by Delaney Tesch

Chapter 93-18 still 1.jpg
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