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Live performance with recorded sound, 17min, 2020

Online Screening Interview part, 10min 51sec, 2021

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A project by Jina Song and Martha Panagiotopoulou.

SEEN IN THE DUSK transforms Gallery One into a place in-between day and night, and invites the audience to a performance in three acts.
  The event is a culmination of the research that the two artists are sharing, where they have been exploring intersections between Greek and Korean Mythologies, through the concept of ecofeminism. The artists aim to promote intercultural connections and myths as a form of knowledge while bringing elements of nature worship and its strong relationship with womanhood.
  This collaboration celebrates respect, changes, and cycles. Throughout the three acts, the artists perform offerings as appreciation for nature's interventions and prosperity, and as recognition for guidance in their journey of self-awareness.

Curated by Beatriz Lobo

Link to the GoMA's blog

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The performance was performed at Gallery 1, GoMA,

at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm on the 7th of March 2020.

Original Duration: 17min


Written and directed by Jina Song, Martha Panagiotopoulou, Beatriz Lobo
Performed by Jina Song, Martha Panagiotopoulou
Choreographed by Jina Song, Martha Panagiotopoulou
Sculptures by Martha Panagiotopoulou, Jina Song
Video Projections by Jina Song
Sound by Jina Song, Oscar Mitchell, Tom Fergus Arnott, Martha Panagiotopoulou
Costume by Jina Song, Martha Panagiotopoulou
Hair and Make-up by Jina Song, Martha Panagiotopoulou
Documented by Harrison Reid, Andreas Zaunseder, Stewart Campbell
Video Editing by Jina Song

Poster Designed by Jina Song

We thank the Gallery of Modern Art, the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow

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Earth casting 2.jpg
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