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'You have          your daughter.', 2021

Digital video with narration

Reference: hsjnwagnes

Running away from you, 2021

Reference: hsjnwagnes

what it menas to dance soulfully.JPEG

A sketch after a talk about
'What it means to dance soulfully' with Martha, 2021

Reference: Soul and Dance Paul Valéry

Green eyed.JPG

Portrait of Agnes[Green eyed], 2021

Digital drawing on iPad

Reference: hsjnwagnes

Blood and Steel, 2021

Watercolour on paper

Incendies end credit 2010


Saranee, 2021

Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 cm


seven ropes.JPG

Seven ropes, 2019

Pen on paper

Reference: hsjnwagnes


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