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Live performance with audiences, approx. 2min, 2017

  The huge structures that made up the city were crafted by human hands, but construction workers' struggles were not seen well after the building was completed. From this awareness of the problem, the work begins. 
   Act 1 was made up of the actions of the audience and the Invisible Men. Invisible Men(sic) is gradually hidden by the structures he built and therefore became invisible. This is a manifestation of the problem I counter.
   In Act II, the Invisible Men slowly show himself up as he destroys his structures, but he is eventually again encroached in his shadows. This part means that the awareness of the problem can not, in conclusion, solve the problem. 
   Eventually, Invisible Men becomes Invisible Men until the end.

  The spectator's participation in this artwork is utmost crucial. This is because they can start the performance by recalling 'Invisible Men' by making four sounds coming from the construction site.

10-2. Invisible Men_Audiences Seat_Dimen
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