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There is no Korientalism in Puccini's Opera

Single Channel Video & Open Discussion Performance

Dimensions variable, approx. 1hour, 2017

This video is a shortened version of the performance.

   The performance begins with the fact that only Japan and China were mentioned in the Orientalism of the renowned opera composer, Puccini, and these political alienation still continues in the Korean Peninsula from the past. This is where the space ‘Puccini's Orientalism Box’ is formed. 
   Act 1 and Act 2 are based on the identity of the main character, while Act 3 is based on the identity of the Korean peninsula and the identity of the people who live there. Also, since the performance started through the awakening of the main character, the performance has a mechanism to make progress only through awakening. 
   The main character appears in person on the third act, leading the audience to start a discussion on the topic, which also wakes the audience up.

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